ACC releases statement on final play of regulation between UVA and Duke

Courtesy The Atlantic Coast Conference

Photo: UVA Athletics

The Atlantic Coast Conference, upon review of the final play of regulation during the Duke at Virginia men’s basketball game, has announced an incorrect adjudication of the playing rules.

A foul was called on Virginia’s Ryan Dunn during a shot attempt by Duke’s Kyle Filipowski as time expired. Upon the officials’ review of the play, it was determined that the foul committed occurred after the clock reached 0.0. However, the play should have resulted in two free throws for Duke.

Per Rule 5, Section 7, Article 3c of the NCAA Rule Book, while a foul occurred after expiration of play, the ball was still in flight, thus the student-athlete should have been granted two free throw attempts.

Rule 5, Section 7, Article 3c states “when a foul occurs so near the expiration of time that the official timer cannot stop the game clock before time expires or when the foul occurs after time expires but while the ball is in flight during a try, the period shall end when the free throw(s) and all related activity have been completed.”

A.R. 130, Section 2 of the NCAA Casebook notes in a scenario where “Shooter A1 releases the ball, time expires, A1 is fouled while the ball in in flight and the try is unsuccessful, since the try was released before the expiration of time and since the foul occurred after time expired but while the ball was in flight and A1 was an airborne shooter, A1 shall attempt two free throws even if the first is successful. When both free throws are unsuccessful, the game continues with an extra period(s).”

The ACC had addressed this situation with both institutions as well as the officiating crew.

The conference considers this matter closed and will have no further comment.