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Ann Holland joins ‘Jerry Ratcliffe Show’ podcast

Ann Holland, the longtime wife of former Virginia basketball coach and athletic director Terry Holland, is the special guest on the “Jerry Ratcliffe Show” podcast.

For once and for all, Ann reveals the “real truth” behind the story of the Holland’s dog, “Dean.” It’s a wonderful story, one that many people have gotten wrong (including Sports Illustrated) over the decades. Ann tells it like it is.

She also talks about the challenges of being a coach’s wife, the story of the great pumpkin, Virginia’s two Final Fours, the UVA-UNC rivalry, the “prankster” side of Terry Holland.

Ann also talks about how Lefty Driesell showed up the night of Terry’s Senior Prom date with Ann and how that night changed their lives forever. It’s quite a story.

She also covers the Ralph Sampson years, how shy Ralph was then, how he lived in their basement part-time to avoid the massive attention from outsiders.

Ann also talks about Terry’s bout with dementia and how his adoring fans over the years shouldn’t hesitate to still approach him with love.


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