Photo Gallery: UVA-William & Mary

Photos by John Markon from UVA’s 52-17 win over William & Mary.

Teammates help Virginia’s Bryce Perkins celebrate in the end zone after a touchdown run.

Zane Zandier of Virginia exults after making a third-down tackle in the Tribe’s backfield.

P.K. Kier of Virginia takes on W&M’s Corey Parker in the open field.

Terrell Jana of Virginia steps out of a tackle by W&M’s Nate Lewis.

Joe Reed gets a bear hug from teammate Grant Misch after returning a kickoff for a touchdown.

Bryce Perkins slides through a gap in the W&M line on a first-down run.

You can’t spell “U.Va.” without an “A.”

Virginia receiver Terrell Chatman prevents an interception by Tribe cornerback Corey Parker.

DeVante Cross (15) leads the way as Nick Grant returns an interception for a touchdown.

Billy Kemp of U.Va. eludes diving Tribe linebacker Davis Call.

Fans on The Hill celebrate one of Virginia’s numerous first-half touchdowns.

Virginia WR Joe Reed matches his open-field skills against Miles Hayes (6) and Latrelle Smith (28) of W&M.


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