Wrestling: Eight Cavaliers place at Appalachian Open

Courtesy UVA Media Relations


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Eight members of the Virginia wrestling team placed on Saturday to lead a group of 22 Cavaliers in competition at the Appalachian Open hosted by Appalachian State. Included in the placewinners was 197-pound champion Colden Dofrman.

The Cavaliers had a pair of place winners in two weight classes as Gavin Cagle and Rocco Contino both placed at 165 pounds, and Dorfman and Gabe Christenson both placed at 197 pounds. At 165 pounds, Cagle took second while Contino took third. In the 197-pound weight class it was Dorfman’s first-place finish paired with a runner-up finish from Christenson.

The Cavaliers also got third-place finishes from Evan Buchan at 141 pounds, Hudseon Stewart at 174 pounds and Hadyn Danals at 184 pounds. The final placewinner on the day for Virginia was Patrick Evans with a fourth-place finish at 149 pounds.



Joe Haynes
Mario Guillen (Ohio) major dec. Haynes, 12-3
Conso. R8-1: 
Haynes dec. Kaden Ramos (Life), 6-2
Conso. R8-2: Erik Roggie (UVA) major dec. Haynes, 10-1

Erik Roggie
Roggie pinned Micheal Catanzaro (Ohio), 2:48
QF: Ethan Oakley (App. State) dec. Roggie, 5-3
Conso. R8-2: Roggie major dec. Joe Haynes (UVA), 10-1
Conso. R4: Roggie dec. Marlon Yarbrough (UVA), 8-4
Conso. SF: Sean Carter (App. State) dec. Roggie, 3-2

Marlon Yarbrough
R16: Sean Carter (App. State) pinned Yarbrough, 7:50 (sv-1)
Conso. R8-2: Yarbrough over No. 10 Jaime Hernandez (UNC) by medical forfeit
Conso. R4: Erik Roggie (UVA) dec. Yarbrough (UVA), 8-4


Evan Buchanan – Third Place Finish
James Dalrymple (Chattanooga) dec. Buchanan, 4-2
Conso. R8-2: Buchanan dec. Grant Kahlenberg (UNC-Pembroke), 6-0
Conso. R4: Buchanan dec. Riley Edwards (App. State), 4-2
Conso. SF: Buchanan dec. Jake Insko (Chattanooga), 6-4
Third-Place Match: Buchanan dec. Ike Byers (App. State), 6-0

Kyren Butler
R16: Butler dec. Riley Edwards (App. State), 7-5
QF: Jake Insko (Chattanooga) major dec. Butler, 10-2
Conso. R8-2: Butler major dec. Blake Boarman (Chattanooga), 11-2
Conso. R4: Bulter dec. James Dalrymple (Chattanooga), 2-1
Conso. SF: Ike Byers (App. State) dec. Butler, 5-2

Nick Coy
R16: Tyler Kellison (App. State) over Coy by injury default
Conso. R8-2: James Dalrymple (Chattanooga) over Coy by medical forfeit


Patrick Evans – Fourth-Place Finish
QF: Matthew Williams (Chattanooga) dec. Evans, 3-1
Conso. SF: Evans dec. George Coleman (Chattanooga), 11-4
Third-Place Match: Matthew Williams (Chattanooga) dec. Evans, 4-3


Nic Sansone
R16: Sincere Bailey (UNC) dec. Sansone, 4-2
Conso. R8-1: 
Sansone major dec. Tucker Allen (Citadel), 10-2
Conso. R8-2: Sansone dec. Anthony Steinmeyer (UVA), 6-2
Conso. R4: Sansone dec. Kamdyn Munro (Boom Ranch), 6-4
Conso. SF: Tommy Askey (App. State) dec. Sansone, 9-8

Anthony Steinmeyer
R16: Steinmeyer pinned W Lowery (UNC- Pembroke), 5:31
QF: No. 6 Austin O’Connor (UNC) pinned Steinmeyer, 1:08
Conso. R8-2: 
Nic Sansone (UVA) dec. Steinmeyer, 6-2


Gavin Cagle – Second-Place Finish
Cagle dec. OJ Bost (App. State), 7-3
Cagle dec. Rocco Contino (UVA), 3-2
SF: Cagle dec. Will Miller (App. State), 3-2
FINAL: Isaias Estrada (UNC) major dec. Cagle, 13-2

Rocco Contino – Third-Place Finish
QF: Gavin Cagle (UVA) dec. Contino, 3-2
Conso. R8-2: Contino dec. Dee Reddick (App. State), 12-7
Conso. R4: Contino over Michael Goldfeder (UNC) by medical forfeit
Conso. SF: Contino over Sonny Santiago (UNC) by medical forfeit
Third-Place Match: Contino pinned Will Miller (App. State), 1:08

Ray Costa
R16: Costa dec. Dee Reddick (App. State), 5-3
QF: Isaias Estrada (UNC) dec. Costa, 7-4
Conso. R8-2: Costa dec. OJ Bost (App. State), 3-2
Conso. R4: Kamal Adewumi (Ohio) dec. Costa, 8-5 

Loudon Hurt
R16: Kamal Adewumi (Ohio) tech fall Hurt, 16-1 (3:21)
Conso. R8-1: Tre Morrisette (Life) major dec. Hurt, 19-8 


Vic Marcelli
QF: No. 14 Clay Lautt pinned Marcelli, 4:02
Conso. R8-2: Marcelli major dec. Christopher Salazar (UNC), 13-2
Conso. R4: Marcelli major dec. Mason Clem (Ohio), 13-2
Conso. SF: Hudson Stewart (UVA) over Marcelli by medical forfeit 

Robby Patrick
QF: Chopper Mordecai (App. State) pinned Patrick, 5:54
Conso. R8-2: Patrick pinned Dalton Battle (App. State), 2:23
Conso. R4: Lucas Uliano (App. State) pinned Patrick, 3:53
Hudson Stewart – Third-Place Finish
QF: Stewart dec. Lucas Uliano (App. State), 9-6
SF: Chopper Mordecai (App. State) dec. Stewart, 3-2
Conso. SF: Stewart over Vic Marcelli (UVA) by medical forfeit
Third-Place Match: Stewart dec. Asher Eichert (Life), 4-2

David Veltri
R16: Veltri dec. Dalton Battle (App. State), 7-3
QF: Asher Eichert (Life) pinned Veltri, 2:26
Conso. R8-2: Mason Clem (Ohio) over Veltri by medical forfeit


Hadyn Danals – Third-Place Finish
Danals tech fall Micah DiCarlo (Citadel), 15-0 (3:50)
QF: Danals dec. Hunter Queen (UNC), 6-2
SF: Joey Milano (NC State) tech fall Danals, 15-0, 3:06
Conso. SF: Danals dec. Krystian Kinsey (UVA), 4-1
Third-Place Match: Danals pinned Mark Chaid (UNC), 1:11

Krystian Kinsey
R16: Hunter Queen (UNC) dec. Kinsey, 8-4
Conso. R8-1: Kinsey pinned Micah DiCarlo (Citadel), 2:26
Conso. R8-2: Kinsey dec. J Wimmer (Duke), 9-4
Conso. R4: Kinsey dec. Brock DelSignore (NC State), 8-1
Conso. SF: 
Hadyn Danals (UVA) dec. Kinsey, 4-1


Gabe Christenson – Second-Place Finish
Christenson dec. Wyatt Miller (App. State), 4-3
Christenson dec. Ethan Weatherspoon (UVA), 6-2
FINAL: Colden 
Dorfman (UVA) dec. Christenson, 5-4

Colden Dorfman – First-Place Finish
QF: Dorfman dec. Caleb Rubin (Life), 6-0
Dorfman pinned Cade Lautt (UNC), 2:32
FINAL: Dofman dec. Gabe Christenson (UVA), 5-4

Ethan Weatherspoon
QF: Weatherspoon dec. Tristan Norris (App. State), 7-3
SF: Gabe Christenson (UVA) dec. Weatherspoon, 6-2
Conso. SF: Caleb Rubin (Life) over Weatherspoon by medical forfeit